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The DIGITAL SITE CHECK service offers a comprehensive and convenient solution for evaluating real estate assets using digital technologies. This service is designed to provide clients with our swift online examination of property conditions and strategic asset opportunities without the need for time consuming traditional on-site visits.

Key Features:

  • Off-Site Video Advisory: Our team utilizes cutting-edge video technology to remotely assess properties in combination with local facility managers, conducting thorough inspections and capturing key features without the need for physical presence.

  • Video Review: Receive a comprehensive review of us of both outdoor and indoor areas of the property, allowing for a first analysis of structural integrity, aesthetics, and potential areas for improvement.

  • Outdoor / Indoor Measures: Our experts analyze outdoor and indoor spaces to provide accurate assessments of property SWOTs.

  • Vacancy Review: Gain our feedback of vacancy or not yet occupied units through analysis, including review of vacant units, common areas, and potential leasing opportunities.

  • Onepage Report + List of Todos: Receive a concise one-page report summarizing key findings and recommendations, along with a list of actionable todos to address any identified issues or opportunities.


  • Remote Accessibility: Let us conduct the property assessments from anywhere, saving time and eliminating the need for physical travels and visits.
  • Detailed Analysis: Receive comprehensive evaluations of property conditions, vacancy review, and potential investment risks, empowering informed decision-making.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Save on travel expenses and reduce logistical hassles associated with traditional on-site inspections, while still accessing detailed property assessments.

The DIGITAL SITE CHECK service streamlines the property assessment process, providing clients with efficient, detailed, and actionable insights to support their real estate asset strategy or investment decisions. Contact us today to schedule your digital site check and unlock valuable investment opportunities.


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