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The ASSET STRATEGY REFOCUS service builds upon the foundation of Asset Strategy Optimization, offering additional features and strategies to refocus and revitalize real estate assets for optimal performance and profitability. This comprehensive service encompasses all elements of Asset Strategy Optimization with additional components tailored to refocus the asset for greater market appeal and value creation.

Key Features:

  • On-Site Asset Visit: Our team conducts thorough on-site visits to assess the property and develop customized refocusing strategies based on its unique characteristics and market conditions.

  • Analysis on Site: Utilizing industry-leading tools and expertise, we perform a detailed analysis of the property's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) on-site to inform refocusing strategies.

  • Outdoor / Indoor Measures: Evaluate both outdoor and indoor spaces to identify opportunities to enhance attractiveness and market appeal, including landscaping, amenities, and interior features.

  • Vacancy Review: Gain insights into vacancy rates and leasing opportunities through a comprehensive review of available tenant spaces and common areas.

  • Rent Roll Review: Analyze the property's rent roll to optimize rental income streams and identify opportunities for lease restructuring or enhancement.

  • Letting Space Reorganization Strategy: Develop a comprehensive strategy for reorganizing letting spaces to maximize occupancy rates and rental income.

  • Attractivity Measures: Implement measures to enhance the property's attractiveness to potential tenants or buyers, including aesthetic improvements, amenities, and branding initiatives.

  • Tenant Interview: Conduct interviews with existing tenants to gather feedback and insights, informing strategies for tenant retention and satisfaction.

  • Marketing Document Review: Review existing marketing materials and documents to ensure alignment with refocused strategies and market positioning.

  • Exit for Sale: Develop exit strategies for potential sale opportunities, including market analysis, divestment planning, and preparation for the sales process.

  • Cost Cutting Measures: Identify and implement cost-cutting measures to improve operational efficiency and maximize profitability.

  • 5-Page Report with SWOT Recommendations: Receive a comprehensive 5-page report outlining key findings, refocusing strategies, and actionable SWOT recommendations to guide decision-making and implementation.


  • Enhanced Market Positioning: Refocus real estate assets to align with market demand and maximize attractiveness to potential tenants or buyers.
  • Improved Financial Performance: Optimize rental income streams, reduce costs, and maximize asset value through strategic refocusing and cost-cutting measures.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Gain valuable insights and recommendations to make informed decisions about asset management, leasing, and potential divestment opportunities.

The ASSET STRATEGY REFOCUS service empowers clients to adapt to changing market conditions, unlock untapped value, and position their real estate assets for long-term success. Contact us today to schedule your asset strategy refocus consultation and take the next step toward maximizing your investment returns.


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